söndag 4 januari 2009

Brev från Palestina

Väljer att publicera ett brev som jag fick från Palestina.


Maybe they are the bodies of human beings, but we cannot know a lot about the causalities. We cannot know if the body is a girl or a boy, or man or woman. We see pieces of humans, destroyed houses, destroyed mosques, destroyed universities, people lining up for bread on TV screens. It is no wonder why Palestinians watch more TV than others in this world; it is the same TV series but we see something different.

I am speechless at this point; I do not know the words to describe the children on the ground smiling, but with bullets in their heads; or else their hearts are outside of their bodies. There are holes in different spots of their tiny bodies, and all of them have open eyes revealing the only thing they had: their innocence and smiles. Their only way of communicating, it is a tool to attract people's attention.

Where is this all going? What does the UN, EU, human beings--if there are any left on this earth--need to stop another ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians people? To be honest, stopping Palestinians' hatred towards the Israeli occupation or Israeli symbols will not happen in this lifetime. Stopping the rockets from Gaza can be done now, but another generation from now will start another stronger Intifada against the Israeli occupation if it still exists at that time.

In Gaza there is 750,000 Palestinian Refugees who were uprooted from their villages before 60 years, who are deprived from many basic rights, who live genetic trauma for losing everything in 1948 and own nothing at the moment with a future seems to be very gloomy concerning their return and lives. Most of the villages in Nakba were destroyed, people were not able to return till now, and they were displaced in refugee camps as a "safe" place away from the terrorist groups like the Haganah and Argon groups, but now the new the refugees as results of Rafah airstrikes by the most democratic country in the Middle East, there is no place in one of the most density areas of this world to establish refugee camps for them, in the same time UNRWA is suffering from shortage in supplies and serves which would be huge burden for them to serve the new refugees, and also they are on risk to be killed in the streets. More than one Nakba in the life of Palestinian and each one of them seems to be more cruel than its pervious.

The United Nations Security Council can be gathered to write a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire for Israeli aggression against Gaza, but I doubt but it will happen for any reason other than more political games. One thing the UN must be reminded of is that this is not about disproportionate force from the Israeli side; this has been their way of operating for more than 60 years. It's hard to stop thinking about the number of causalities; Palestinians lives are worth nothing to Israelis. Why? I want to ask them: Are weanimals and I did not know? You think we have no feelings, no families who would be devastated by our losses? Their racism is so easy to see when Israel "Defence" Occupation Minister stated: four Israeli "citizens" were killed, therefore we need to protect our cities. What about more than 470 Palestinians killed in eight days? Who will protect them? Should the people of Gaza do nothing and not defend themselves? A few thousand of Israelis are afraid and they flee in shelters. But one and a half million Palestinians are traumatized from airstrikes, sonic booms, bombings, fire, and much more.

Part of the great idea that UN was built on is the International Humanitarian Law. The basics of this law do not seem to apply to Gaza.

The basics of International Humanitarian Law states:

  1. Persons hors de combat and those not taking part in hostilities shall be protected and treated humanely.
  2. It is forbidden to kill or injure an enemy who surrenders or who is hors de combat.
  3. The wounded and sick shall be cared for and protected by the party to the conflict which has them in its power. The emblem of the red cross or the red crescent must be respected as the sign of protection.
  4. No one shall be subjected to torture, corporal punishment or cruel or degrading treatment.

I wished that the UN kept what is a rosy idea on paper, but it seems that this will not true in my life. It's shameful to consider myself a human being according to the UN which still cannot help me or protect me. The news from Gaza shows me that there is a violation of all these laws mentioned above, and the UN is not doing anything to stop this bloodshed or punish Israel for this aggression.

I curse myself for the time that I talked about our martyrs as numbers. Any apologies will not be suitable for any mother, daughter, sister, father, or brother. Each one of these precious souls hold a story to be told and remembered their sacrifice for our liberation struggle and our history.

This is one version of the situation; my brain cannot think of any other sides of this situation. I cannot even comprehend the details of this side yet. At the same time I can't imagine how this world can be so twisted, ignorant and useless. How could we, the Palestinians, ever trust the Israelis, the international community, or the United Nations? Please do not blame me when I say Gaza people's shoes are worth much more than any politician or any political games.

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